Is tool insurance worth it Now? Here are New facts you don’t know

Is tool insurance worth it

There’s no doubt that one had to cover his or her business with the right insurance policy, but then, what about the tools or machinery that are being used in a day-to-day operation in the industry. 

Guess what! Most industries do not have insurance for tools because they never knew it was worth it or maybe the thought of thefts or damages won’t happen to them.

But is tool insurance worth it? Yes, tool insurance would be beneficial, and these policies will typically cover the loss, theft, or damage of tools kept at home, in a locked box, in a locked industry, or a locked vehicle or van. This means that if you leave your tools unattended, you are unlikely to be covered.


More emphasis would be made on the importance of insuring your tools as you continue to read on.

So in this guide, we’ll be discussing the importance of getting insurance for tools, the best tool insurance UK and other countries, and if tool insurance is worth it. But before then, let’s quickly take a deep look at what tool insurance is meant to be.

What is Insurance for tools

Tools insurance
Insurance for Tools

As the name implies, tools insurance is all about covering the cost of any of your working tools against loss, theft, damages, and other unintentional negative outcomes that may arise during operation.

There’s no doubt that many won’t be moved to ensure their tools, but If you buy your working tools with your money, it is advisable to consider covering them with one of the best tool insurance companies in the UK or anywhere in the world.

During my research, I found out that different companies offer cheap tool insurance even though it also depends on what type of tools you use in the industry. Also, if your insurers would have to cover your employees for tools they got damaged during use, the cost for all these too differs based on the company you use.

What does tool insurance cover

Tool insurance covers the cost of replacing your tools if they’re lost or damaged. Tools that are usually covered include hammers, screwdrivers, saws, drills, boots, and some other machine tool equipment depending on what occupation or niche you belong to.

The maximum cost of coverage for any tools is estimated to be £25,000. Tool insurance companies will also provide policies for your employees, which may imply an additional low fee.

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Before purchasing insurance, make certain that you are well-versed in their services. As such, I’ll outline at least five cheap tool insurance providers whose services are excellent.

How to Insure Tools For Work in 2022

Here are some steps that must be taken before buying insurance to insure your tool.

1. Review the insurance company: The importance of learning more about the insurance company cannot be overstated. You don’t want to get involved with scammers who are eager to steal your money.

It is your responsibility to determine whether or not the insurance company is legitimate, and you should also determine whether or not the tools insurer pays out when a loss occurs.

2. Compare its insurance policies: Comparison gives room for more Ideas. Always make sure never to conclude immediately on a preferred or preferred insurance company.

3. Check the claim settlement history of the insurance company

4. Make sure you’re purchasing the correct amount of insurance if your tools are lost, damaged, or stolen.

5. Make certain that the cost is covered if you were to purchase their brand new, rather than in the condition they are currently in before thefts or damages.

6. Understand your insurer policies: However, for more expensive items, many policies will require that the item be specified. The monetary value is usually around $2,500. So any item with a replacement value greater than that would need to be specifically listed on your policy.

If you file a claim for a $5,000 item but do not have it listed on your policy, the insurer will most likely not pay the full claim amount.

What is not covered in tool insurance?

Several things are not included when buying a tool insurance policy.  Although tool insurance protects you from theft and loss most insurances will not cover you for the following:

1. Intentional Damage

Your insurance company might be liable to pay for tools that were intentionally damaged by you and your employees. The cost of replacing them with new ones would be from your pocket.

2. Scratch or wear due to frequent use

Some insurance policies don’t cover scratching or wear of tools due to their frequent uses. Machinery or tools are meant to break out after long persistent use or due to poor handling. Therefore, getting new ones could not be covered by an insurance carrier.

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3. Careless Safety management

If there’s no evidence of the theft of a tool, your insurance policy might not cover-up. For example, if you keep your entire tool unsecured in the back of your site or business location, and they got stolen, they’re not going to be covered.

4 . Improper use of any of your tools.

The improper use of your tools might not be covered. For example, if you use a chainsaw that was meant for cutting down trees to cut iron and it eventually gets damaged, your insurers might not be responsible to pay for that. After reading these explanations above, is tool insurance worth having?

Is Tool Insurance Worth It Now in 2022?

Yes, getting tool insurance is worth it because, chances are you’ve invested a lot of money In getting the right tools for your business either cheap or expensive, tool insurance would help you keep your investment safe against theft, loss, or damages. They’ll pay out to help you reduce your loss In case anything goes wrong.

Can I get Insurance for my tools at night Only?

The answer to this question is based on the company that is covering your items. 

The mode of operation for certain insurance companies differs. Having said so, it is important to check your policy documents so you’ll be able to know exactly what’s covered and what isn’t.

Some companies might not cover for tools overnight or deliberate on night coverage alone and even others won’t cover up for tools being stolen in a van or any transit.

While some tool insurance policies provide overnight coverage, which means your tools are covered around the clock, whether they’re in your home, office, or truck.

How to list construction tools for insurance

To list construction tools for insurance, start from the most important tools in your business. Examples; High-end power tools such as Nail guns, welders, and electric drills; Small vehicles such as Forklifts, and tractors; Hand tools like Hammers, wire strippers, tape measures, screwdrivers; and many more.

Although construction tools insurance might not be necessary because contractors are required to carry general liability insurance which protects third parties from property damage or injury. 

But getting liability insurance is not mandatory. However, construction tools would be also beneficial to acquire because of the extreme expense of much of the tools and equipment used while working.

Do employers have to provide insurance for tools

Should my employer provide insurance for tools? It is never required to insure your tools, but if your industry is heavily reliant on expensive tools, it is sensible to insure such tools against loss, damage, and theft.

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how much is tools insurance for a van

The price of insurance for work equipment being stolen in vans varies depending on the company covering your tools.

If something were to happen to the tools you need to conduct your job, having tool insurance can make it easier for you to swiftly return to work. But then let’s take a look at how much is tools insurance for a van.

Tool insurance policies for a van usually offer cover between £1,000 and £10,000. Some companies might also provide coverage for tools that are rented or higher.

Tools on van insurance is it worth it

Yes, it is worth it because it helps you regain your tools and get back to work almost immediately. It’s also important to be aware of the sharp increase in van thefts. The statistics are shocking: every 23 minutes, burglars smash into vehicles and steal tools, according to the BBC.

The Metropolitan Police counted 6,800 instances of work tool theft from vehicles in 2019 and with these rates ensuring your tools would be a great and sensible action to take. Below are the 5 best tool insurance companies that you can check out.

5 Best cheap tool insurance companies UK

1. Toolbox by Admiral – best for tool In van or car

2. AXA insurance – best for highered or own tool

3. Trade Direct Insurance 

4. Simply Business – know for a cheap tool insurance policy [£6.56/month]

5. A-plan Insurance 

My Final Thought to is tool insurance worth it?

Tool insurance assures you that you are covered for the costs if one of the tools in your possession is damaged or stolen either they belong to you or ones you have hired.

If you don’t have tools insurance, your business would be responsible for the costs of theft or damage, which might result in not only financial losses but also production delays and, if you can’t meet deadlines, a loss of customers.

This is all I could gather about tool insurance. What do you think about the guide? Do you really think tool insurance is worth it? You can share your thoughts by using the comments section below.

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