Mathew Lepre Net Worth and Business That You don’t know

Mathew Lepre Net Worth

Today, developing your own e-commerce business has not been too easy for many people. Striving for customers, sales and leads might make one Lose focus and end up being derailed.

Most business owners or entrepreneurs need to be tutored to gain insight on how to manage their organisation or business by ideal professionals who have a clear understanding about setting up a brand.

That’s why e-commerce professionals or guru’s have come out to make things look easier. Here’s where Mathew Lepre comes in. An entrepreneur who is focused only on success by teaching people about e-commerce business and helping them set their own heart desired store or brand and earn a huge profit.

Today in this article we’ll discuss majorly about Mathew Lepre net worth, his biography, Age, personal life and we’ll also look at ecom warrior academy review (his official site), products he sells and many more.

As many Australians would have noticed, Mathew Lepre is one of the famous and well known e-commerce gurus. Today he has helped many to start a profitable business through his detailed entrepreneur coaching service that he renders. 

He is the founding father of Ecom Warrior Academy; an academy whose main aim is to teach people who wish to start business helping them to maximise the use of modern forms of marketing to generate huge sales by using Shopify.

Matthew Lepre makes over $700,000 USD a month from building successful eCommerce businesses for his prospect. He currently earns more than $120,000 a month from his e-commerce site, where he sells beauty products for men & women, as well as educational books. His main target is the Australian student which he knew would seek all these resources. 

So let’s quickly consider taking a deep look at his biography and early lifestyle, who is Mathew Lepre and how old is he?

Matthew Lepre Biography and Early Life

Mathew Lepre is an Australian Ecommerce, Investor, Entrepreneur, Digital Client Accelerator and Founder of Ecom Warrior Academy.

Lepre was born on July 22, 1992 in Australia he is currently 30 year old. He was raised by his single mum who wants him to become a dentist and have a meaningful life that is better than hers, but that wasn’t what destiny had for him.

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8 years ago, he got a manual labour job in a factory where he was paid $18 per hour to support his mum and was struggling to make ends meet. 

There have been no further mentions about his parents or siblings at this stage of time but we know that he was born into a family in Australia.

He attended All Saints Catholic Senior College, graduated and enrolled for a university degree which he doesn’t have passion for and he later took a risk and left for e-commerce business in 2014. His love for business and mum had made him do so, now he  sells his products vigorously with his sales technique in various industries, which makes him amount to a $700,000 monthly income.

Today, he has been able to teach thousands of people how to go along with Business. He has gotten huge fan base followers and subscribers across his social media platforms and continues to be an option in the Ecommerce space.

Matthew Lepre Wiki

NameMathew Lepre
Dates of BirthJuly 22, 1992
Age30 years
Place of BirthAustralia
Net Worth$1 million USD
Height6ft 2in
Last Updated2022

Personal Life and Relationship

Mathew Lepre loves living a lucrative lifestyle. He recently spoke about his personal life and his wealth. He is looking to explore what love has for him but wouldn’t be eager to make someone who loves him just for his money as a girlfriend.

According to Lepre,he has been introduced to many girls through his male friends but hasn’t found his heart desires yet. He wouldn’t want to make any disastrous mistake in choosing his life partner.

Who is Mathew Lepre dating now in 2022?  Lepre hasn’t opened up about his personal life. He does not have a girlfriend now because he is not interested in dating unless it’s going to go somewhere.

We’ve checked all his Instagram pictures and not a single image or video has been posted which includes females. Matthew Lepre’s wife is currently unknown but we’ll continue to check for updates. Kindly hit the notification Bell below to subscribe for updates.

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Mathew Lepre believed that setting up an ecommerce store is the best and simplest way to get free from being broke or poor. Although it takes a little or much work to get this started or during the beginning, with the right approach,one would definitely become successful in business.

He started his e-commerce store by dropping out of the University,then he was studying a course he had no passion for. His aim was to become wealthy and take care of his family and especially his mother.

According to him, he spent many nights and days figuring out what to sell and Majorly how to sell. Enrolling in diverse professional courses just to start his own business.

Today he earns over $700,00 USD monthly from two of his businesses just by working from home. He now has the ability to live a luxurious lifestyle, building a mansion and spending more time with his family, going on vacation and saving up for retirement.


Matthew Lepre is an Australian millionaire and university drop-out.

He attended All Saints Catholic Senior College and started his dentistry degree at the University of Melbourne, but he wasn’t passionate about the course. 

After much deliberation, he decided to drop out of university,went back to Sydney to get some menial jobs of $18 USD per hour just to help his struggling single mother.

Matthew Lepre Net Worth 

Today many people connect with Lepre to learn about e-commerce business. Mathew Lepre net worth is estimated to be $1 million USD making a huge amount of income from sales of his online beauty products, books and Educational e-commerce tutorial. Having a minimum salary of $120,000 USD per month.

Net Worth$1 million USD
Salary$120,000 USD
Last Updated2022

Matthew Lepre Forbes Net Worth

Forbes is a wealth calculation company. They calculate and estimate one’s wealth value based on assets and commodities. So what is Mathew Lepre net worth according to Forbes? Mathew Lepre’s worth hasn’t been published by Forbes although it is said that he owns luxurious houses,cars and cars and makes a monthly 6-7 figure USD.

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How Does Matthew Lepre Earn Money

Matthew Lepre is the founder and CEO of Ecom Warrior Academy he earned enough money by enrolling in dropshipping courses. He makes money by selling cosmetics, which he sold following the dropshipping business model having an estimated net worth of $ 1 million USD in 2022.

Matthew Lepre Products and Ecom Warrior Academy Review

The eCom Warrior Academy was founded by Matthew Lepre, an Australian 6-figure E-commerce Entrepreneur who began his career in the eCommerce industry at the age of 20.

The Academy is focused on helping business people who have plans to set-up a sky scrapping business which would fetch them huge income.

According to Mathew, he claims to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to develop his academy. Now he earns huge money from his academy by teaching prospects.

People who enrol for the academy may learn how to create a Shopify dropshipping store from scratch and utilise social media marketing to drive traffic and sales. The minimum investment necessary to have access to Matthew Lepre’s training is $4,000.

Height, Weight, Age, Zodiac sign

According to the physical state and image view. Mathew Lepre is 6ft 2in tall and he weighs about 77 kg. His zodiac sign is unknown and he is 30 years old.

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There are great rewards in taking risks just like Mathew Lepre, he made a very great step to acquire what is deemed for. To me education is not a major factor to become rich.

You might not go to university but still have a standard life if you follow legit strategies that work. Today Mathew Lepre net worth is said to be $ 1 million and he makes money from 2 of his work from home ecommerce stores on Shopify.

This is all we know about Matthew Lepre’s salary and worth. What do you think about this topic? I hope it helps you understand what it takes to succeed. You can drop your comment in the section below.

What is matthew lepre selling

Matthew Lepre is the founder and CEO of Ecom Warrior Academy, he sells beauty products and books in his stores on Shopify and he also focuses on empowering and educating people.

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